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You need to download both Engine Prime and blueberry. Import some music into Engine Prime before launching blueberry.


It's normal for your computer to display a security warning the first time you try to run blueberry. If you want to know more about why this happens and how to continue past the warning, visit the Installation page.

About blueberry

Most DJ equipment is confusing and expensive. That's why we made blueberry different.

  • Familiar interface: Instead of emulating analog turntables, we built a sequencer designed for live performance and inspired by software familiar to musicians everywhere. Drag and drop song sections to perform live remixes and mashups. Use a second playhead to hear parts of your arrangement before the audience, knowing that you can edit every aspect of the arrangement on-the-fly.
  • Always in sync: blueberry's arrangement view keeps all your tracks aligned to the beat, so you can think about song structure and phrasing rather than minute timing adjustments. Adjust the global tempo at any time and all your tracks will follow.
  • Instantly reveal flawless transitions: Advanced search filters help you find harmonically compatible songs for truly seamless transitions.
  • Use devices you already own: Forget buying external controllers. We designed blueberry to provide a great experience on the laptop or tablet you already own.

Start mixing with the world's most intuitive DJ software. Download blueberry.

About Engine Prime

For compatibility with other equipment, blueberry uses Denon's industry-standard Engine Prime software for music library management. You'll need to install Engine Prime and import music into it before you can use blueberry. Once you've set up Engine Prime, blueberry will automatically sync your music library, effortlessly importing hotcues and other metadata.