Mixing (MIDI)

MIDI devices are external pieces of hardware, with physical knobs and faders to provide a more tactile experience than mixing on a mouse and keyboard or touchscreen tablet.

MIDI Settings

Device Selection

In order to configure your controller, click the gear icon to open Preferences and scroll to the section labeled "MIDI Controllers." Click on the drop-down (which likely says "None" by default) to view the list of available MIDI inputs, and select the controller you want to use. If you plugged in or turned on the device after you opened blueberry, and you don't see your device in the list, click "Refresh Devices List" to search for it.


If you don't see your MIDI controller in the list, turn it off, double-check that it is correctly plugged into your computer, turn it back on, and click "Refresh Devices List." If you still don't see it, check the hardware vendor's website to see if there are any drivers that need to be updated or reinstalled. Then restart blueberry.

If you still don't see the device listed, it may be a problem with blueberry. Please see the Troubleshooting section and report the issue to us.


In order to determine which physical control should affect each of blueberry's internal mixer controls, blueberry uses something called a "MIDI map."

  • If you have an Akai APC40 mkII, you can download our preset and be off to a quick start!
  • If you have another controller, see the Troubleshooting section for our contact information. Tell us what controller you have, and we'll help you make a mapping so you can use it with blueberry.

Click the "Load Map" button to select a map file and load its settings into blueberry. Once you've selected a device and loaded the appropriate map, you're good to go! Start twisting knobs and moving faders, and you should hear blueberry respond accordingly.


blueberry's support for MIDI is still new, so we don't have preset mappings for many controllers, and there's likely to be some bugs. If you run into issues or have questions, or want to request a MIDI map for a controller you own, head over to our Discord server and let us know. We'll be more than happy to help you!